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Worldwide ZIP Code Finder iOS

With "Worldwide ZIP Code Finder" you can find (almost) all zip codes worldwide. The current database contains 929.848  Zip codes and cities from 94 countries. With a simple double-click, you can copy the postal code and place into the clipboard. In the settings you can define additional parameters that should be copied to the clipboard. You can also specify the order of the parameters.


  • Select country or ZIP code
  • automatic relation to the map of Googlemaps® for each city
  • Filter you displayed ZIP code / cities according to:
  • ISO2 country code
  • Country name
  • ZIP code with wildcards
  • City name with Wildcards
  • State (if available for the selected country)
  • County (if available for the selected country)
  • Search ZIP code or city

  • Copy ZIP Code, City and other parameter to the clipboard
  • Customize parameters and the order of the parameter for the clipboard
  • FullScreen support

For more information read the HelpBook.