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Finally, the long search has come to the proof of purchase in case warranty is over - thanks WarrantyManager. WarrantyManager manages the warrantees of all your products. You can add anything to WarrantyManager and build you own inventory database. Products can be assigned to any of the categories, manufacturers and suppliers. You can add any document (receipt, warranty, product photo, email, etc.) to your product entry. Emails can be imported directly from email application. The attached files can be viewed instantly via Quick Look.


  • QuickLook integration
  • Import selected email (only for Mac OS X lower than 10.8)
  • Attach all documents
  • Rename attached documents
  • Import documents directly from your TWAIN device
  • Growl Support
  • Notifycation Center Support
  • FullScreen support

For more information read the HelpBook.