Preview new Release 3.0 Preview new Release 3.0
My Travel World

A new release which is compatible with macOS 10.12.x and 10.13.x (High Sierra) are currently developed.
Among other things, the following new features and enhancements available:
  • 64 Bit application
  • Maps changed from Google Maps® to Apple MapKit®
  • 27 new countries added
  • All changes are automatically saved
  • All pins of the visited countries are now placed at once (no waiting time more)
  • Click on acountry shows all visited, cities, islands and POIs with a pin on the map
  • Click on a city shows all visited cities of the selected country with a pin on the map
  • Click on a island shows all visited islands of the selected country with a pin on the map
  • Click on POIs shows all visited islPOIs of the selected country with a pin on the map
  • On  macOS 10.12.x and 10.13.x the name of the countries are now again in German language (if you use Germany language in macOS preferences)
  • Additional information of each country are updated
  • Support Dark Mode of macOS 10.14 (Mojave)

With "My Travel World" you can get all the countries that you have visited, highlight in the application. This gives you an overview and statistics how many countries in the world have you visited. The application shows in the statistics the percentage of countries or pro percentage of the earth's urface you have already visited. You will also receive additional information about the countries. It provides a direct connection to Googlemaps®, Wikipedia® and Wikimeda®. You can share the current status of the visited countries, islands and POIs with your friends through mail, message (iMessage), Twitter and Facebook.

  • Mark country as visited
  • Add first and last visit year to each country
  • Show status of visited countries (count and area), cities, islands and POIs
  • You can share the following data with Email, Message, AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook or Flickr:
  • Current map with or without pins
  • World map with pins of all your visited countries or islands
  • Current map with manual set pins
  • Status of your visits as text
  • Status of all visited countries in the ratio of all countries with text and graphics
  • Status of the countries visited in proportion to the shallower of all countries with text and graphics
  • Current view from Wikipedia
  • Current view from Wikimedia
  • Statistical data of the current country
  • For each city, island or POI you can set an individual link to any webpage
  • Add unlimited cities, islands and POIs (Point of interest) to each state
  • Relations from countries, cities, islands and POIs to Wikipedia® and Wikimeda® are automatically created
  • FullScreen Support
  • Selecting a country, city, island or POI will show you the assigned map
  • Map display types: Standard, Satellite, Hybrid
  • You can add a Pin to the current selected entry
  • Display the world map with pins from all of your visited countries or islands
  • Retina display support
  • Status line contains the count of visited and not visited countries
  • For each country the following information are available
    • Country name
    • Country name long version
    • Capital city
    • Population
    • Area
    • Population per ml²
    • Country Code ISO2 and ISO3
    • Country ISO number
    • TLD (Top Level Domain)
    • Country name in Englisch
    • Country native language
    • Visit status
    • First visit
    • Last visit
    • Country flagg