This App lists all files with filesize from the selected directory. The file list can be copied to the clipboard, open with TextEdit or send as email. You can also copy and paste the file list directly in all standard spreadsheet applications.

Read folder with all files an subfolder
List all files from a folder
Preview folder list
Copy folder list to clipboard
Open folder list with textedit
Send folder list per mail
QuickLook integration
FullScreen modus
Sound support
Support for "Notification Center"

Options window:
Preview for clipboard text available
Switch "include subfolders"
Switch "include Application folders"
Switch "include invisible files"
Switch "show only files"
Switch "show only folders"
Switch "show files and folders"
different colors for folders and hidden files

Export options:
export with filetype
export in upper case
export in lower case
export all first letters upper case

For more information read the HelpBook.